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Consign with us!

It is an easy simple way to get cash for all of your items that you don't use anymore. No waiting for people to show up to buy one item from a craigslist ad or Facebook selling group! No sitting outside in the hot sun to sell your items for just a few dollars! Selling your items at Happy Hippo House is convenient, simple and easy!

How it works?

Once you register as a consignor, you will use your consignor number and password to log on to our website. On our website, you will use our easy online system to choose the category and price of the items you want to sell. Once you are finished, our online system will create a bar coded tag for each of your items that you print out and then put onto the items. Then one to two days before the event begins you will bring in the items and we will do the rest for you!

Consignor Benefits!!
  • You will receive 70% of the sale price which is much better than most regular consignment stores that offer only 40%.
  • You can increase your percentage up to 80% by volunteering. (Volunteering is not a requirement.)
  • You get to price your own items. You know how much its worth not some consignment store owner.
  • As a consignor you are invited to a Pre-sale event before we open to the general public.
  • Receive your check within 15 business days.
  • You have the option of donating your unsold items or picking them up. It is your choice!
  • Receive better than garage sale prices! No more sitting out in the hot sun just to get a buck for something. Let us do the selling for you!
  • Reach a large audience of buyers in a short time frame. We will do the advertising for you!
  • Let us do the selling for you. Just drop off your items and we do the rest!

Regular Consignor vs. Restock Consignor

In order to accommodate growth we have two kinds of consignors--Regular consignors and Restock consignors.

What is a Restock consignor?

Restock consignors are consignors that register to consignor after we have reached our first 150 consignors.
The biggest difference between regular and restock consignors is when they drop off.
Regular consignors drop off their items on the Tuesday before the event and Restock consignors drop off on Friday evening. Restock consignors also get extra time to enter in items. The deadline to have items entered in for regular consignors is Sunday Feb. 25th at 4pm. Restock consignors deadline is Friday March 2nd at 4pm. The online system will be down for restock consignors from Sunday at 4pm to Tues. at 11am. Then the online system will open back up for only restock consignors to finish entering in items. Both regular and restock consignors can volunteer to earn a higher percentage and early shopping times. Pre-sale shopping is for both Regular and Restock consignors is on Thurs. evening at 5pm.

Restock Consignor Benefits
  • Early shopping on Thurs. evening.

  • Can volunteer to earn a higher percentage and earlier shopping times.

  • More time to enter your items online