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Drop off/Pick up

Drop off

Drop off day is at the Hernando County Fairgrounds on the Tues. before the event begins. Hours for drop off are from 9am to 9pm with appointments made every 15 mins. Sign up for an appointment time through the consignor login.

Pick up

The event will end on a Sunday and the Monday after the event ends is pick up day. Pick up is from 11am to 7:30pm with appointments made every 15 mins. Consignors will sign up for a pick up appointment when they drop off their items at the Fairgrounds. Consignors who are donating their unsold items do not need a pick up appointment.

Drop off Procedures

  • Use the Fairground entrance off of 41.

  • Come inside the Fairgrounds building and check in with Cindy.

  • Use the rolling carts and dollies to bring in your items.

  • Put items in designated areas

  • Once all items are inside and put in their designated areas, check out with a worker.

  • Pick up Procedures

    Pick Up Schedule

    Pick up for the Fall 2017 event will be on the Monday August 7th from 11am to 7:30pm.
    All consignors are held to the consignor agreement that was accepted and agreed to when registering to consign.
    All items not picked up by Monday at 7:30pm WILL BE DONATED.

    Pick up Procedures

    Starting Spring 2017, we will be switching from a re-sort pick up to a no-sort pick up. This has been a big decision for us to make and we have made this decision after a lot of thought and careful planning. We have consulted many other sales in other parts of the country that do a no-sort pick up and we feel this is the best decision for our growing sale. We know this sounds scary but we have carefully planned this out and we feel this will actually make pick up be smoother and solve many issues we have experienced with a re-sort pick up.

    Why is this change better?
    As with any change, we understand it is scary and difficult to adapt but sometimes change can be a good thing! We feel that the past few sales doing a re-sort has become more and more challenging because of the growth of the sale. When we were smaller and had a 100 consignors, re-sorting could happen quickly and pretty accurately but now that we have grown to over 200 consignors re-sorting has become a very long process and the longer the process the more mistakes our tired eyes make. Just imagine looking at numbers for hours and hours! A consignor number 1221 can quickly begin to look like 2121, 1122, 1212, etc. We are only humans and as much as we have tried to prevent numbers from being crossed, it happens. With a no-sort pick up there will be fewer missing items. There will be less hands touching your items. No chances of your items getting placed into another consignors pile. You know what items you brought and you can easily identify your items. Again, this change is a positive change and we believe it will make pick up smoother and more efficient. Also, this will allow us to remain open LONGER on Sunday which will give your items an increased chance to sell.

    The process of a no-sort pick up
  • Mark your hangers. Tie a ribbon or a piece of colored tape around your hangers will make identifying your items a bit easier.
  • Look online at your sold items and unsold items list. Sunday's sold item list will be upload after we close on Sunday.
  • Bring boxes, bins, or bags to take your unsold items home.
  • Mark your items for discount so that you take less items home.
  • Sign up for a pick up time when you drop off your items.
  • Arrive on time for your scheduled pick up.
  • When you arrive, check in at the table by the entrance.
  • You will be given a check out table to place your unsold items on.
  • Check all areas for your unsold items and place them on your table.
  • Once you have collected your unsold items, a worker will double check your items to make sure they all have your consignor number.
  • Be sure to check the lost tag area for any items that might be yours.
  • If you have a missing item, check the lost tag area, check the other sizes to see if it got put into a wrong size or into a wrong category section.
  • If an item can not be located, fill out a missing item report and turn it in when you check out.
  • Once your items have been checked, a worker will give you a check out slip.
  • Turn in your check out slip to the worker at the front table. If you have a missing item report please turn it in at this time.
  • If there are no missing item reports, your check amount will be sent to our bank for processing at the time of check out.
  • After you have checked out, you can take your items to your car.

  • Things we will do to make a no-sort pick up easier.
  • All items that have been marked for donation will be pulled off of the sales floor so that there are less items to look through.
  • We will pre-sort clothing by groups of consignor numbers in each size section if we have enough volunteers and time.
  • There will be rolling racks and carts available for you to take things out to your car easier.
  • We will process your payment at pick up so you will receive your check faster as long as there are no discrepancies with your account.

  • Volunteers that work the last shift on Sunday will be allowed to pick up on Sunday AFTER the shift is over.

    All unsold items not picked up by 7:30pm on Monday become the property of Happy Hippo House and may be donated to a charity.

    You may have someone pick up your items for you, but you must give them a note with your consignor number, your name and the name of the person picking up. Have the note state that you give permission for them to pick up any unsold items on your behalf and then sign the note.
    Please remember that sending someone to pick up your items means this person is unfamiliar with what things they are looking for and can often miss picking up something.
    Please do not call us and ask if a specific item has sold. Check online to see if something has sold or not. We will update sold items on Sunday evening.