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Please Note: Deadline for Fall 2017 is Sunday July 30th at 4pm.

Remember all consignors can bring up to 75 women/junior clothing AND up to 75 men clothing.

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Consignor login

Regular Consignor vs. Restock Consignor

In order to accommodate growth we have two kinds of consignors--Regular consignors and Restock consignors.

What is a Restock consignor?

Restock consignors are consignors that register to consignor after we have reached our first 100 consignors.
You will be notified when you register what kind of consignor you are.
The biggest difference between regular and restock consignors is when they drop off.
Regular consignors drop off their items on the Tuesday before the event and Restock consignors drop off on Friday evening. Restock consignors also get extra time to enter in items. The deadline to have items entered in for regular and restock consignor is Sunday at 10am. Restock consignors will also have extra time from Tues. to Friday at 10am to enter in items. The online system will be down for restock consignors from Sunday at 10am to Tues. at 9am. Then the online system will open back up for only restock consignors to finish entering in items. Both regular and restock consignors can volunteer to earn a higher percentage and early shopping times. Pre-sale shopping is for both Regular and Restock consignors is on Thurs. evening at 5pm.

Restock Consignor Benefits
  • Early shopping on Thurs. evening.

  • Can volunteer to earn a higher percentage and earlier shopping times.

  • More time to enter your items online

  • Lower consignor registration fee. Restock consignors pay the $12 consignor registration fee upfront but receive $4 back in their checks which makes the registration fee only $8 for restock consignors.

  • Consignor Agreement

    The consignor agreement has been updated for the Spring 2017 event. You can also find the consignor agreement on your consignor home page and on the consignor registration page.

    By consigning with Happy Hippo House Children's Sale LLC by Cindy McWilliams and Stephanie Thomas ("HappyHippoHouse"), I agree that Happy Hippo House LLC is not responsible for any lost, or damage to merchandise on consignment due to fire, theft, accident or any other cause.

    As a consignor, I understand that I will collect 70% of the sale price of my items sold on consignment, and that Happy Hippo House will keep the remaining 30%. I also understand that my items will be sold at 50% off on the last day of the sale and on Saturday evening during the Volunteer and Facebook 50% off presale, unless the tag says No Discount. I also agree to pay a $12 Consignor Participation fee which is due upon registration as a consignor and it is not refundable.

    I understand that when I drop off my items that I will need to put my items out onto the sales floor. All items will be inspected and any item that is not working, stained, dirty, missing pieces or recalled will not be accepted and will be pulled from the sales floor. Unaccepted items will be returned to me. If I have more than 20 unaccepted items, I will be charged a $20 handling fee.

    All Clothing MUST be hung on wire hangers, no plastic hangers will be accepted. If I need wire hangers, I can purchase wire hangers at cost from Happy Happy Hippos. (email to order hangers

    I am limited to bringing only 75 women/junior sized clothing AND 75 men clothing.

    I also understand that ALL items that required a battery must have a working battery in it. If it does not, Happy Hippo House will put in batteries and charge me a DOLLAR per battery which will be deducted from my check.

    If a shopper returns my item during the event because the item does not work or is missing pieces, there will be a return fee of 20% of the price of the item with a minimum of $1.00 return fee. (if the item is $5 or under the return fee will be a $1.00)

    Happy Hippo House will mail me a check of my portion of sales within 15 business days after the sale event. If a new check has to be issued there will be a $35 stop payment fee for the original check.

    I understand that unless I pick up my unsold items during the designated pick up time, my items become the property of Happy Hippo House, and may be donated to a Charity chosen by Happy Hippo House and I will not be paid for them.

    I understand that during pick up, I will be responsible for locating my own unsold items from the sales floor and checking the second building and the lost tag area for any of my items. Happy Hippo House will try to have items sorted by groups of consignor numbers If there are enough volunteers on Sunday evening.

    I also understand that if I have a missing item during pick up that Happy Hippo House will do their best to located my item but if the item can not be located Happy Hippo House is not responsible for the item and does not have to pay me for my item.
    I understand that I have complete title to the merchandise consigned and I will not hold Happy Hippo House responsible for any claim of title to it.

    I will check my items against the recall list and bring no items that are listed on the recall list. I understand that if one of my items is on the recall list, Happy Hippo House will pull it from the sales floor at any time during the sale and it will not be sold and will be returned to me.