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Preparing Items

Clothing must be clean, free of stains, holes, rips, tears with no missing buttons. No outdated clothing will be accepted.

All clothing must be hung on wire hangers except for JEANS. Jeans can be folded with the tag placed near the pocket. Wire hangers can be purchased from Walmart, Target, Dry cleaners, and Amazon. We also buy wire hangers wholesale and sell them to consignors at our cost. If you would like to purchase hangers from us, please email us with your consignor number and how many you hangers you would like to buy. The hangers are 8 cents a piece.
Remember: You are allowed to bring up to 75 Women/junior's clothing AND up to 75 Men's clothing.

How to hang clothing on a hanger
The hook of the hanger should make a question mark (?) when you look at it. The tag should go on the right side of the clothing. Pants and shorts should be hung with safety pins to the top of the hanger.

Shoes need to be fastened together to make sure they don't get lost. Use a safety pin through shoe laces or a zip tie through the loop on the back of shoes. Zip lock bags for smaller shoes. Put a safety pin through buckle holes.Rubber bands around shoes will work too but make that your last choice.

Hang blankets on a hanger. Use string and tie it around bedding sets. Use really big ziploc type bags. Use painters tape around a sheet set to keep it together. Painter's tape will not leave a sticky residue on the sheets. Try the dollar store for the big ziploc bags.

Use clear packing tape on the DVD cases to keep them closed.

Use painters tape to put tags on the books that way the painters tape will not hurt book covers.

Other type items
Any items with small parts, put the parts in a ziploc bag and tape the bag close with clear packing tape. Tape the ziploc bag to the item so the small parts will not get lost.
Try using zip ties to keep things together. The main thing is to make sure that things that belong together stay together. If you have a question about a specific item, please email us and we will be happy to help you.