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The volunteer schedule will be open for sign ups for the Fall 2017 event on June 26th and will close on July 30th.

Because we must fill open slots, we can no longer allow consignors to sign up for shifts after the deadline which includes adding shifts at drop off.

Higher percentages, early shopping, getting your check early! All of these and more are some of the great benefits of volunteering. Plus it is an awesome way to meet other like minded individuals. We always have a good time during the events. A volunteer shift is 4 hours long and we have day and evening shifts available Monday through Sunday!

Volunteering just one shift will allow you to get your check at pick up but if you volunteer on Sunday to help with sort (any shift from 4pm to 10pm), you can pick up on Sunday instead of Monday! .

Here is the break down of each volunteer level. Choose the level that works best for you. Sign up for a volunteer shift can be done by logging on through the consignor login and choose the Volunteer to work link on the left side of the page.

12 hour volunteers
80% of sales
Shop at the Super Happy Volunteer Pre-Sale
Shop at the 50% off Volunteer Pre-sale on Sat. evening
Receive your check of your portion of sales at pick up

8 hour Volunteer
75% of sales
Shop at the Happy volunteer Pre-Sale
Shop at the 50% off Volunteer Pre-Sale on Sat. evening
Receive your check of your portion of sales at pick up on.

4 hour volunteer
Shop at the Happy volunteer Pre-Sale
Shop at the 50% off Volunteer Pre-Sale on Sat. evening
Receive your check of your portion of sales at pick up on.

Volunteering on Sunday any shift from 4pm to 10pm
*If you sign up to work any shift from 4pm to 10pm on Sunday, you will be allowed to pick up your unsold items on Sunday after your shift is over instead of waiting to come get them on Monday. You will receive your check and take home your unsold items that night saving you an extra trip to the fairgrounds the next day.

*Pick up on Sunday night is only open to volunteers that are scheduled to work on Sunday any shift from 4pm to 10pm. Pick up will happen once your shift is over. ** All other consignors MUST pick up on Monday.

The Do's and Don'ts of Volunteering
  • Do arrive a few minutes early to receive instructions.
    Be sure to sign in, get an apron and find out where you will be working during your shift.

  • Do wear comfortable shoes.
    There will be a lot of walking or standing. If you need to sit down, we do have a few jobs that can be done sitting.

  • Do bring your smiling attitude!
    We are working with customers so a smile can go a long way.

  • Don't bring your purse.
    We do have an area for volunteers to take a break but we do not have a locked place for you to put a purse. Lock it in the trunk of your car and bring your keys in with you. We have aprons with pockets that you can wear.

  • Don't bring your child with you.
    We love kids but kids at the event while you are volunteering doesn't work. If you have a nursing baby and you can wear your baby the whole time then that is allowed. If your child is over the age of 14 and is willing to volunteer beside of you, then they may come and volunteer with you.

  • What do volunteers do?
    Volunteers will do many things during the sale. On Monday, volunteers help with set up. On Tuesday and Wednesday volunteers will assist with set-up and intake of items. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the sale, volunteers will be assisting with checkout, help keeping things neat, and assisting shoppers. On Sunday after the sale, volunteers will help sort, break down and clean up.

    Volunteer No-Show Policy

    We understand that sometimes things come up that will not allow you to work your hours. However, if you are scheduled to work and do not show, consignors will have a $20 penalty deducted from their check and will have their percentage lowered to the regular 70% plus you will not be allowed to volunteer at the next sale event.
    If you do experience an emergency, please contact Happy Happy Hippos right away at 352-593-0409. Please, DO NOT call if it is not an emergency. It is your responsibility to find a replacement to work your shift if you are not able to come for non-emergency reasons.